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I worked with the dancers Alex, Mady and Jesse and the choreographer/dancer, Rodney Veal, all of them from Dayton, Ohio.
The dancers were asked to ‘mime’  the Truth, and explain their movements afterwards (you can watch the videos on the previous posts).
All 3 videos were posted on the website and for 4 days you could vote the video that ‘represented’ Truth the best.
The video with the most votes was ‘re-choreographed’ by Rodney Veal. He took the decision to work with all 3 dancers instead of just one who had the most votes. Also he also decided on the ‘costumes’ the dancers wore, simple blue jeans and either black or white T-shits.

The music that Rodney worked with was a song that I suggested on one of our first meetings. The song is by Alexander and is called Truth.

You can watch Rodney explaining his decisions on this link:

See the footage of the dances on this link.

For the sound of the final video I was very fortunate to use some music that I really like and I am glad that I could do so.

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