Liliana Basarab, Borderline Space, Iasi (17 June – 29 July, 2016), review by Mihaela VARZARI, check link here [ENG]

Gendered Histories/Memories of Labour in (Post-) Communist Romania and Former Czechoslovakia Illuminated through Artistic Production’ text by Maria-Alina ASAVEI & Jiří KOCIAN, AnaLize- Journal of Gender and Feminist Studies, ‘, Issue no.8(22) 2017, check link here [ENG]

Can We Represent the Truth? text by Petru BEJAN, HERMENEIA, Journal of Hermeneutics, Art Theory and Criticism, Topic: Concept and Image, Ed. Fundaţiei Academice AXIS IAŞI, 2014, check link here [ENG]

Liliana Basarab interviewed by Mihaela Varzari
September, 2013 (for the 1:1 publication, [ENG/RO]
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… and the winner is…
Truth/s – project by Liliana Basarab, 2011, U.S.
review by Mihaela VARZARI, published with ARTA magazine, Bucharest, issue 4, 2012 [ENG]
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Liliana Basarab Monuments for Concepts, review by Yulia TIKHONOVA
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Liliana Basarab si baletul conceptelor, text de Petru BEJAN [RO]
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LUCK/ Do I feel lucky, do ya punk?, text by Liliana BASARAB
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Accidente, mutaţii şi greşeli, text by Nicoleta ZAHARIA
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Liliana Basarab @ MORA,  text by Crina CRANȚĂ [ENG/RO]
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Liliana Basarab, text by Danièle PERRIER [GERMAN]
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Monumente pentru decizii, text by Cătălin GHEORGHE [RO]
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FIGHT!, Text by Cătălin GHEORGHE [ENG/RO]
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Call for Dossier (data base for Romanian Artist)
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Check links here (Liliana BASARAB & Costel CHIRILĂ – Adam&Eve/NeverEnding Chances) and here (Monuments for Concepts) [ENG]

A Forceful Beginning at 2020: TRUTH/S and TERRORISM, review by Anca MIHULEȚ [ENG]
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